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Below is a list of credits for certain artworks contained on this web site's pages, with their appropriate links. Other artist credits are given on certain pages where they appear. There are some images where the artist is unknown, but commonly appear on various websites without mention of copyright. Every effort has been made to ensure the integrity of image use and, as far as we are aware, no infringement has been made. However, should there be any copyright objections, please email us, listing the section and page, and it will be removed immediately on request.

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starfish Archangels/Angelic Host 4 Angel images
members.tripod Astrology/Archangels/Elementals Backgrounds Healing/Welcome page Healing hands Elementals/Ghobe Nature Spirits Archangels/Gabriel Water animation Elementals/Nixsa Animated bubbles © Kagaya Astrology/Zodiac| Signs/ALL SIGNS Twilight/ All signs | G.King © Thoughts/Welcome page Hidden thoughts | M.Purcell © Thoughts/Happiness Still images Polarity/Welcome page Background imagini Elements/4 elements | Dragons/Dragon types 4 elements/Sky dragon
josephinewall | J.Wall © Planets/ Moon|Venus|Neptune | Elementals Index |Archangles index Goddesses Planets/ Venus/Pluto Goddesses Elementals/Dragons Dragon images | ©ThinkQuest inc Planets/ Mars Warrior in symbol | © Apple Elements / Air Sunlit clouds
bookofrevelation | © L Galan Archangels/Archangel story Angel on half moon Religion/Soul consciousness Soul light | © P.Sharpe Religion/Soul consciousness Enlightenment
library.wolfram | © Wolfram Res. Misc./Welcome Page Graphic Image | © S.Harris Misc/Being human Miracle cartoon | © N.Strehlow Signs/ Leo/Virgo Clip art
mountainartgallery | © T.Sodd Signs / Libra Girl autumn image
bgagraphics Signs/Scorpio Adam & Eve image | © N.Moore

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