Optical illusions

Things are not always what they seem!

See what you can make of the following pictures.

Can you find the baby?

How many legs has this elephant?

Are you looking at the inner pages of this book, or its outer cover?

Try saying the colour of these words out loud - not the words themselves!

(it will be a struggle, as the left side of your brain responds to the words, and the right side to the colour!)

What is this, a rabbit or a duck?

Skeleton, or woman looking in a mirror?

Are the horizontal lines straight or crooked?

Is this an eskimo or a native indian?

If you stare at the black dot for a while, the outer grey circle will appear to swirl and shrink.

Is this a man blowing a trumpet, or the silhouette of a woman's head?

(hint - the black mark in front of the man's chin is the eye of the woman).

Try counting the black dots in this picture!

See how easy it is to view things from different ways?

Sometimes our own eyes can deceive us, and that's why it is so difficult to be certain that what we perceive is really accurate.

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